If the gasket seal on your freezer is worn out from excessive use and the appliance's door won't shut properly any longer, remove it and replace it with a new one by following the instructions below. Once the new seal has been installed, food containers that are stored inside of the freezer will not be exposed to moisture and won't go bad early.

Materials Needed

  1. screwdriver
  2. putty knife
  3. measuring tape or ruler
  4. white vinegar
  5. sponge
  6. soapy water
  7. lint-free cloth
  8. gasket seal

Dispose Of The Seal And Clean The Groove In The Door

Open the freezer door and locate the hardware that is holding the door's interior panel in place. A screw will probably be located in each corner. Use a screwdriver to loosen them until they are wiggly. Pull the door's panel away from the exterior side of the freezer. Once it has been moved forward, it will be easy to remove the damaged seal. Purchase a replacement seal that is the same size. Measure the seal if you are unsure of how long it is.

Use white vinegar to clean the groove where the seal was originally laying. Vinegar will neutralize any unpleasant odors. If there is any residue stuck in the groove, use a soapy sponge to eliminate it. Move the sponge firmly over the stains. Rinse out the sponge with plain water and move it over the same areas. Dry the wet surfaces with a lint-free cloth when finished. 

Install The New Seal

Pull one corner of the seal over the door panel and lay it flat so that it is resting inside of the door's groove. Use a putty knife to help stretch the rest of the gasket over the panel until the gasket is secure. Inspect the gasket to make sure that all of it is laying flat. Push in the door's panel. Tighten the hardware until the panel is mobilized. Close the freezer door. Visually inspect where the door meets the body of the freezer to make sure that there are no gaps. 

As long as the door is sealed properly, the repair was successful. Carefully open the freezer door whenever you are going to be taking something out of it so that the new gasket does not become damaged. Clean the gasket seal occasionally with a damp cloth to remove residue or food crumbs. The seal will last for several years as long as it is cared for regularly.

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