Although it is possible to live in a rental with a dishwasher, many of them do not have this feature. As a result, your first experience with a dishwasher may occur when you buy your first home. At this point, you are completely responsible for anything that happens to the dishwasher, so it is in your greatest interest to keep it in excellent condition and to avoid any expensive repairs. Achieving this goal and making sure it smells good all the time is a matter of following several tips for using this appliance.

Pre-Rinse the Dishes

Some dishwashers are going to tell you that you do not need to pre-rinse dishes before loading them. However, even if you can do this for several months and not have any problems, it will naturally increase the chances of running into difficulties. Dishwasher drains can only siphon through so much food, so you would either start having issues or you would have to deep clean the appliance on a frequent basis.

It is nice when you can preserve water and minimize how long it takes to prepare dishes for the dishwasher. The best way to do this is to put all of your dishes in a dish washing tub with hot water and a little bit of soap and let them soak for a few minutes to let the soapy water loosen up the food particles.

Run Loads Often

It is not uncommon for dishwashers to start getting a mildewy smell when you do not use them regularly. However, this can give you the impression that your dishwasher is broken in some way. The reality is that after each load, leftover water builds up on the bottom of the machine, which begins smelling over time. The most convenient way to avoid this issue is by making an effort to use your dishwasher regularly.

Sanitize Monthly

Running your dishwasher on a consistent basis is an effective way to avoid bad smells, but you also need to sanitize the machine every once in a while. Going through a three-step process of removing food particles from the drain, running a load with hot water and vinegar, and then another with baking soda will provide you with a clean and good-smelling dishwasher to use for another month.

Get a Nice Scrub Brush

A dishwasher is effective at breaking down food particles and cleaning your dishes, which also makes it great for keeping the parts of your dishwasher clean as well. However, it is ideal to get a scrub brush that you can use to thoroughly clean the racks and walls of your dishwasher whenever they get dirty. It is best to find one that is dishwasher-safe so that you can easily keep it sanitized.

Maintaining a dishwasher is not hard when you know exactly what to do with one. If you have a hard time following any of these steps, contact a business such as All Appliance Service Inc for help.