If you live in a colder region, you want to stay on top of your home to ensure that you aren't allowing the heat to escape during those winter months. Not staying on top of the draftiness of your home will make it a lot harder for you to keep the house at a comfortable temperature and will raise your energy bill. Follow some of the advice provided here to keep your home warmer by eliminating leaks and other problems.

Seal up your attic

When you are trying to heat your house, the hot air will travel upward. This means you want to do what you can to force that air to stay at the lower portion of the rooms where you are. Check your attic access ways and make sure the doors are sealed tightly in place and that none are missing. If you have stair access to the attic, then you should add some insulation around the opening so the warm air won't seep into the attic through the cracks.

Keep your curtains closed

If you have thick curtains, you can use them to your advantage during the winter months. Your windows can let a lot of that cool air in. Even double paned windows can let a little of the cold air inside. Keeping thick curtains shut can help to cut down on a lot of that draftiness.

Use a lot of fabric in your home

Fabric and carpeting helps to hold the heat in the house. You can throw some rugs down on hard floors and put throws on wood or leather furniture to help keep the heat trapped in the living area portion of the house.

Shut off lower levels of the house if you can

If possible, you want to shut the access doors to any lower portions of your house so the cold air from those areas won't seep into the part of your house that you are trying to keep warmed up. This includes any unused lower level bedrooms, the basement or any other rooms.

Replace older or malfunctioning furnaces

If you have an older furnace, or yours is starting to give you issues, then you should consider replacing it with a newer one. Newer furnaces will work more efficiently and they won't leave you in the cold when something else happens to go wrong with them unexpectedly. Visit http://www.homesmartcolorado.com/ for more information about furnace replacement.

By following the tips here, you will find it easier to keep your house at a more comfortable temperature when it gets cold outside.