You count on your clothes dryer to work efficiently each time you turn it on, but there are some issues that tend to be common with this type of appliance. Some problems are easy to fix yourself, while others will require a professional. Here are some common problems and possible solutions for your dryer.

There is No Heat or Lack of Heat

One of the more common problems to experience with a clothes dryer is having no heat or insufficient heat to where clothes feel partly damp even after a full cycle. A good place to start when you are experiencing this problem is cleaning the air filter. It may be clogged and need to be replaced or cleaned. Also check the lint trap, as that can make a big difference in how well your clothes dry during a normal cycle. You should also verify that you are using the right selections when choosing the cycle and that you are not overloading the dryer. If you have experience with these parts of a dryer, also check the condition of the power cord, thermal fuse, and ignitor of the dryer. If you aren't sure what to look for, you might be better off contacting an appliance technician.

The Dryer Drum Isn't Spinning

You may have proper heat and a dryer that starts normally, but when the cycle starts, the drum no longer spins. This will also affect how well it dries your clothing, leaving some clothes dry and other clothes with damp parts since they aren't spinning. With a drum issue, it is often due to the belt being broken. First check the belt to see if it is cracked or showing other signs of wear. You should also inspect the roller, which is just underneath the drum.

The Clothes Are Getting Too Hot

While many dryer problems have to do with insufficient heat, you might also have too much heat. If your dryer feels like it is burning up from the outside, or your clothes feel almost too hot to the touch, this needs to be checked out. Any appliance that is getting too hot could potentially be an electrical or fire hazard. Start by making sure there is not a clog in the dryer's air vent or the lint trap. If these vents get clogged, it could be a fire hazard. Also check the heating coils and thermostat of the appliance, and that you have it on the right setting.

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