If you are experiencing issues with keeping your food cold, the time may have come to replace your refrigerator. However, there are some simple solutions to common issues that may delay or even eliminate the need to spend money on a new fridge right now. Talk with appliance repair professionals to determine if there is an easy resolution to your current cooling conundrum.

Some things to remember when you experience issues with your refrigerator are:

The manufacturer knows what they are doing. When manufacturers label and compartmentalize a refrigerator, there is a reason. If you are unhappy with the cooling of your fridge, be sure that you are storing food and using the appliance as it was intended. Keep meat in the meat drawer, milk in the dairy compartment, and produce in your crisper-drawer as the manufacturer took the internal temperatures of the areas of the refrigerator into account when developing these features.

Don't let the cold escape. The common culprit for a loss of refrigeration is a bad magnetic strip around the door to the appliance. Conduct a little experiment: Place a single sheet of paper between the stripping and the door and close the door. Observe to see if the magnet holds the paper in place or if it slowly slides down to the floor, which means it is time to replace the stripping.

Take your fridge's temperature. Use a basic household thermometer to determine if the inside of your fridge is getting cold, and if the thermostat inside the unit is accurate. This will help you decide when it is time to adjust the controls.

Take sounds seriously. If your fridge has started making a funny sound or has become loud, first check the vents on the back of the unit. These can become clogged with dust or dirt, which requires the motor to work harder to stay cool. This can result in some noises that will be eliminated when you vacuum and clear the vents, which will prevent the motor from working so hard.

Pay attention to the smell. If your fridge or freezer has developed a chemical-smell, it could be leaking Freon. Freon gas is used to make the unit cold, especially common in older refrigerators. If you notice a smell or off-taste in your refrigerated foods, it is possible that you have a Freon leak which should be repaired by a professional imminently.

A new refrigerator can be a big investment, so be sure that it is time by talking with appliance repair professionals. Some issues, such as poor magnetic stripping, inaccurate thermostats, and dirty vents, can impact the performance of your refrigerator, yet have simple and inexpensive solutions. Contact a business, such as American Appliance INC, for more information.