Many people would agree that their refrigerator is the most important appliance in their kitchen-- it continually runs in order to keep perishables fresh and prevent frozen food from melting. The importance of the refrigerator makes problems with it quite a hassle. Luckily, many common refrigerator issues can be fixed and do not require you to have to replace your refrigerator with a new one. Use the following tips to troubleshoot refrigerator problems:

Refrigerator Not Cold

Refrigerators have a set of condenser coils that can conduct heat, and they tend to heat up when they are dirty. If not cleaned regularly, it is not uncommon for the coils to become covered in dust and debris. This is typically an easy problem to fix-- just remove the plate at the bottom of the front of the refrigerator and use the hose of your vacuum to clean the coils that are underneath your fridge or located on the back of the unit. If this does not fix the problem, call a refrigerator repairman for service as there may be an issue with the compressor.

A warm refrigerator can also be the result of bad door gaskets, which allows the cold air to flow out of the refrigerator and freezer-- if this is the issue, you may notice that your refrigerator is cycling more often. New door gaskets can be purchased from the manufacturer of your refrigerator or from an appliance retailer.

Puddles of Water

It can be very concerning to find puddles of water around your refrigerator, but most leaks are easy to fix. Water leaks often happen because the ice maker line has become damaged and is leaking. A refrigerator repairman will be able to locate the shut off valve for the line and replace it with a new one. Another common cause of refrigerator water leaks is a blocked drain tube, which is typically located near the back of the refrigerator compartment. Many drain tube clogs can be remedied by cleaning the tube with warm water and bleach.

Ice Maker Not Working

Many people enjoy the convenience of having an automatic ice maker in their freezer, so when it ceases working it can be a hassle. In many cases, if an ice maker is not working it is due to the fact that the wire connected to the ice maker is out of place which turns the ice maker off. A refrigerator repairman can easily check the ice maker assembly and move the wire back into place so you will have access to ice once again. Contact a business, such as the Appliance Doctor, for more information.